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Do I get Acupuncture?

Patients often ask me if I get acupuncture myself.

Honestly at the moment the answer is no- I haven't had acupuncture from another practitioner for ages! Except for doing some self treatments (which I should do more often!) as the NeoClassical style of treatment makes this more possible :)

I obviously think acupuncture is amazing, and truly love seeing how it helps people- whether they come to me for treatment or another practitioner suits them better for whatever reason- I'm happy either way!

But honestly I would love to get treatments from me!

I don't know of anyone else around here who practices in the same way as me- I have developed a style based on various trainings over the past 15 years that I think is quite unique. And when I go to other acupuncture practitioners I can't help overthinking and mentally querying their treatments (argh!) so its hard to be a real participant/ receiver of the treatment.

I do get other holistic therapies though! And honestly I'm fortunate enough to have not needed or used any western medicine/ pharmaceuticals for many years (not even paracetamol!)

I try to get semi- regular massage and reflexology (thanks Mandy @ , Scarlett @ , and the crew at and - all of which I'd highly recommend)

Recently I have also been doing a wonderful treatment exchange with the magical Leena - who offers Reiki and empowerment coaching/ inner child work. I know this has been helping me process old patterns and traumas, and supported my nervous system regulation after a crazy stressful couple of years. I can also tell how this has improved my treatments as a practitioner, and I'm loving the regular support and exchange. Leena is so great at describing the shifts she senses in her acupuncture treatments too.

When I need extra help for my health I get Herbal Medicine - Chinese or Western (eg with who I also often refer patients to.

As a practitioner I find its so important to be on the receiving end of treatments too, and to prioritise my own wellbeing using an awesome support network of trusted practitioners.

Do you have any thoughts or recommendations? Do you manage to get regular MOT treatments of any kind? What has helped you most?

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