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Ancient Architecture Wisdom

NeoClassical Acupuncture


Neoclassical Acupuncture is a revolutionary, palpatory style of acupuncture which provides immediate feedback with each needle placed. What has made it one of the fastest growing styles in Europe and Mexico is its immediate efficacy with very few needles.


The system relies purely on palpation (examination by pressing on different areas of the abdomen and legs) to find your energetic disharmony in seconds.  A minimum of needles is used to achieve a rapid relief of symptoms, and a profound sense of deep relaxation.


Diagnosis and treatment can involve up to 5 different levels: Element, Obstacle, Organ, Meridian.  When treated on the Elemental level, releasing the obstacles or alarms found on the body creates a domino effect which often clears all levels immediately, instantly taking away symptoms with them. The clearing of each of these levels can be immediately verified via palpation and feedback from patient.

Slate Burris has developed the NeoClassical Acupuncture system based on re-reading the ancient texts with a new viewpoint and taking into account thousands of hours of clinical and empirical evidence. 

My patients have been amazed by how their body responds to these treatments, and by feeling for themselves the instant feedback mechanisms which allow their system to reset and make space for healing and health.

The Laser can also be used for this type of treatment instead of needles. 

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