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Acupuncture in Pregnancy
Safe, gentle and effective at every stage

Acupuncture has successfully been used in pregnancy for so many different issues -

in the first trimester common ailments can be fatigue, nausea or "morning sickness", anxiety, heartburn and potentially other issues which may not be directly related to pregnancy, but are usually managed with medications such as painkillers which the mother wants to avoid in pregnancy- for example headaches or back pain.

The second trimester is usually less troublesome but in clinic I might see pregnancy patients starting to get physical discomfort due to the growing bump; hip or pelvic pain, constipation or haemorrhoids, itching, thrush or sleep disruption.

In the third trimester, we're heading towards pre-birth preparation- and studies have shown that regular pre-birth treatment from 36 weeks can reduce labour time and interventions. 


Remember too the "fourth trimester" which is the equally important post postpartum time of recovery.  Mother warming is a traditional treatment with moxa which would ideally happen a few days or a week after birth, to support the mother's recovery and help to prevent too much exhaustion  and potential post partum depression.  Acupuncture can also be really useful if the mother's milk isn't coming through easily, and for issues such as mastitis. 

Rest assured, an experienced and qualified acupuncturist will ensure that treatment is appropriate for whatever stage that you and your baby are at, and treatments should be relaxing and supportive. 

Here is a link to Debra Betts' website which is a wealth of information regarding relevant research and information- including a free download of acupressure points to support labour.  


Moxibustion is also often recommended in late stages of pregnancy for turning Breech Babies- ideally the patient should come in as soon as possible after 34 weeks, and continue the moxa treatment at home for 10 days (as will be demonstrated in the treatment).  Here is a print out regarding safe Moxa use.

Also I often recommend pregnancy yoga- if you live in Whitley Bay or nearby contact Cat at the Yoga Tribe for pregnancy yoga

Just get in touch with any queries, and here's to a happy, healthy, trouble free pregnancy and labour !

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