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Ancient wisdom with Modern Technology

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as Cold Laser, Soft Laser or Photo Bio-Modulation Therapy is painless and effective - fantastic for those with needle phobias or for Children, and for various conditions where needling may not be safe or appropriate.  Patients don't usually feel anything apart from the slight pressure of the tip of the laser pen on the skin, and another benefit is that it can be used for enhanced healing where may want to avoid needling certain areas directly, for example on areas of skin inflammation or irritation.  It is becoming more and more popular as research is proving the incredible benefits of using focused light to reduce inflammation, reduce healing time, reduce pain, and for so many issues.  "Cold Lasers" produce no heat, but affect the mitochondria in the cells and their metabolism. 

A professional quality, therapeutic infrared Laser directs light deep into the tissues, instead of using a needle to stimulate the area or point.  The treatment time, power frequency and dose is adjusted as appropriate for the patient, the aim of the treatment and the area of the body or skin being treated.  By combining this science with traditional meridian theory, the effects of both can be enhanced.  

Laser Acupuncture is good for many of the same conditions as traditional acupuncture, though there are still some situations in which a needle is very much the recommended method.

If you are interested in a needle-free acupuncture option, for any reason do get in touch.  I do not charge extra for this treatment option.

The range of disorders that can respond to Laser Acupuncture are immense, from migraines to arthritis, from addictions to menopausal issues. Appointments will always begin with a traditional medicine consultation and diagnosis to ensure appropriate and individualised treatment.

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