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Starting a blog

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Something I've been meaning to do for a long time!

I enjoy writing, and I'm keen to share more stories from the treatment room, more insights into what I've been treating or reading or learning, more about how my practice is evolving and changing, and more case studies. Its often tricky getting the balance between sharing to help people understand how I work, and the all important issue of patient confidentiality (so if you are a patient past or present and you're happy for me to share your story here let me know! Its so daunting to start seeing a new practitioner - personal accounts and reviews are so helpful to reassure people that they're doing the right thing by giving it a go with me!). I'm in my 15th year of practice now, and I've encountered all sorts, and am so honoured to have been trusted by so many.

Also do let me know what kind of things you'd be interested to read about here or on my website- more about specific ailments or medical issues? More about me personally? More about Acupuncture in general? Let me know!

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