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Quotes from the treatment table part 1

I love people's descriptions of what they are feeling during treatments! Often their faces are a dead giveaway even if they're not sure what words to use; the amazement of unexpected releases in tender points - its super fun for me to see and feel the shifts too. I love my job :)

Here is a first installation of "quotes from the treatment table"

2 very different people, one male, one female, both professionals with serious jobs in serious institutions, both coming for a range of very different problems, but kind of strangely similar descriptions!? Both from this past week...

"I know this sounds really weird, but like when you put that first needle in the foot it felt a bit like- you know when you breathe out, but then it kept going, like a relief, like a spirit leaving your body? Its really bizarre!"

"My feet feel fascinating! This is going to sounds really bizarre but the only way I can describe it is like my feet are crying. But in a good way like a release, like you know if you go to counselling and you feel like its a good crying"

And this is what we're aiming for! These releases of stagnation, whatever layer its stuck in and whatever symptoms its causing, we want to move and release stuck energy! And for those of you who've tried NeoClassical Acupuncture- you'll know that you feel stuff shifting, however you describe it (or don't)...

Bonus quote of the day

"Its strange - I don't know if its from the treatments or what, but things just aren't stressing me out recently, like I can just shrug things off and they don't get to me. Its really nice!"

Watch this space for more quotes from the treatment room :)



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