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Moxibustion (moxa)
Warming, moving and tonifying

Moxibustion (or Moxa) is commonly used alongside acupuncture to support treatment. 

It usually involves burning a herb on top of the needles or holding a stick of burning moxa over the skin in certain areas to create warmth and movement, and to support the immune system.  It may be used in areas of pain or stagnation, it may be used to expel coldness, support Yang, dry Dampness, or tonify Qi and Blood.

Most people find it very relaxing and enjoyable.  In some of my treatment rooms I have a TDP heat lamp (which people LOVE) which is great for larger areas and has a similar effect as Moxa. 

Sometimes I'll recommend people use Moxa at home to continue the treatment between sessions- there are various instructional videos you can find but there are a couple of examples below about how to use Smokeless moxa at home safely.  I usually use Smokeless moxa as it is more practical when using a shared space, but there are pros and cons of both methods.  I sometimes use Japanese Rice Grain Moxa also directly on the skin.  


It is also often recommended in late stages of pregnancy for turning Breech Babies- ideally the patient should come in as soon as possible after 34 weeks, and continue the moxa treatment at home for 10 days (as demonstrated in the treatment.  

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