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Monthly MOT treatments
Prevention and maintenance is key!

Prevention is always better than cure.  


Traditionally in Ancient China, TCM physicians and Acupuncturists were treated almost like insurance - you paid your Dr to keep you well - and if you got ill, you didn't pay.  


Hopefully we all do our best to take care of our mental and physical health with good food, exercise, rest and relaxation, and joy, but sometimes of course, we need a bit of an extra boost to keep us at our best.  Obviously, with age, some of us need a little more maintenance too! 


NeoClassical Acupuncture lends itself especially to MOT-type treatments - we literally check in with your body and support it to run smoothly in all its functions, to support your nervous and immune systems and prevent illness and injury.  


Many patients initially come to me for a specific illness or pain, but once this is resolved and they feel the wider benefits they continue coming for monthly or 6-weekly maintenance or de-stress sessions - keeping everything on track and heading off any issues before they arise. 


So- you don't need to wait for something to be wrong! 

Book in with me today to help support a smooth journey through life :)


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