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Reopening with care

to treat you safely and thoughtfully post lockdown 

Now open for treatments!

As we know,2020 has been a strange year so far! 

Many people have been unable to work during this time, and it has been hard knowing that so many people are suffering throughout, whilst being unable to offer treatment.  Of course some people have been directly affected by the virus in various ways, and I have been keeping on top of the research in terms of how this particular virus seems to be affecting people from a TCM perspective, so that I am well placed to treat people for the after effects.  Many people have been affected more indirectly- anxiety, fear and uncertainty are a huge factor affecting our wellbeing in current times, and the potential trauma associated with this, or triggered by current events and situations are having a significant impact on us and our communities.  I know that Holistic Acupuncture is truly well placed to support individuals through all these areas of disequilibrium.

Things will be a bit different: 

I will be wearing a fluid resistant mask, patients are required to wear a disposable mask (unless they have an exemption)

I am now required to display an official NHS QR code.  As I aready collect your details You are not required to scan this or download the app, but you have that option if you wish.  Please see updated Privacy Policy.  

✨I will ask people to use hand sanitiser on entry and before leaving.  As always, I will be washing my hands before and after sessions, and sanitising hands before and after any contact with you or surfaces. 

✨To reduce close contact time I will be having phone or video consultations before appointments where practical/ appropriate, so that we can still have a thorough consultation (and see eachother without masks!) and there will be maximum15 minutes face to face time in your appointment, to reduce any potential transmission. 

✨There will be longer gaps between patients to allow for airing out the room and cleaning everything down thoroughly, and to ensure that people don't pass eahother. 

✨You may wish to bring your own towels or blankets- I'm trying to get the best balance of comfort and hygiene while minimising unnecessary waste and disposables.

✨I am going paperless to avoid cross contamination and reduce waste- you will need to fill in a screening form before coming in to confirm neither you or anyone you live with have Covid-19 symptoms.  Please read the confirmation emails and reminders thoroughly for updated details- including regarding Track and Trace.  

✨I will call or text you when I am ready to let you in, so that you do not cross over with any other patients, and I can open doors etc to reduce contact with surfaces. 

✨If you can also please go to the bathroom before coming that would be helpful!

All of this means there are fewer appointments available, so please do book in advance. 

Can we kindly ask that if you are contacted by Track and Trace and have to provide a list of your contacts, that you list a visit to see me as a HEALTHCARE contact and not a Social contact.

If a visit to us is listed as Healthcare, it means that I may not have to self-isolate if they are then contacted by track and trace.

This is really important to us all, as further time away from work, after a long period of lockdown, can be financially crippling.

I would of course be self-isolating if I develop any symptoms, have a raised temperature or feel unwell, but PLEASE list me as a HEALTHCARE contact.

 I will be making everything clear before you come in, but please get in touch with any concerns or questions.  

 I look forward to seeing you!

I hope you are all keeping well. 🙏😊



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