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Reopening with care

to treat you safely and thoughtfully post lockdown 

As we know,2020 has been a strange year so far! 

Many people have been unable to work during this time, and it has been hard knowing that so many people are suffering throughout, whilst being unable to offer treatment.  Of course some people have been directly affected by the virus in various ways, and I have been keeping on top of the research in terms of how this particular virus seems to be affecting people from a TCM perspective, so that I am well placed to treat people for the after effects.  Many people have been affected more indirectly- anxiety, fear and uncertainty are a huge factor affecting our wellbeing in current times, and the potential trauma associated with this, or triggered by current events and situations are having a significant impact on us and our communities.  I know that Holistic Acupuncture is truly well placed to support individuals through all these areas of disequilibrium.


 All being well I am hoping to open up from July 6th ! 🤞

Things will be a bit different:  to reduce close contact time I will almost certainly be having phone or video consultations before the appointment, so that when you are in the treatment room there will be maximum 15 minutes face to face time to reduce any potential transmission.  There will also be longer gaps between patients to allow for airing out the room and cleaning everything down thoroughly. Masks will probably be required. I may be asking patients to bring their own towels or blankets- trying to get the best balance of comfort and hygiene, and minimising unnecessary waste and disposables...

 I will be making everything clear before you come in, and I will add more details to this page very soon.

 I look forward to seeing you again and treating!

I hope you are all keeping well. Please do let me know any concerns or questions! 🙏😊




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