About Me

I’m Lilja :)  I was brought up in London, and as far as I can remember I've had an interest in complementary therapies, and asked a lot of questions.  Western medicine didn't make much sense to me; I knew that my childhood eczema came back as soon as the steroid cream stopped- so obviously it wasn't actually treating the problem, just hiding it for a while... and I wanted a better explanation and solution!  As a teenager I did work experience with a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was inspired.  He subsequently treated me for a serious case of Glandular Fever (and for the post viral recovery)- and I am always so grateful for that powerful experience.   Having studied Environmental Science, and travelled, and worked in the Sustainable Development field for several years, I came back to plan A and went back to university to study TCM: Acupuncture at Westminster University.   

I love my job, am am honoured to have been able to treat so many people and conditions over my 10 years of practice.  I love seeing results, and empowering patients to understand their bodies and experience their own healing potential.  TCM helps us understand ourselves and our ailments in a different way, and allows us to get to the root cause of disease to achieve sustainable health and prevent illness.  

Please get in touch to find out more or to book an appointment :) 

I look forward to meeting and treating you!

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