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Holistic, Effective Acupuncture

Lilja has been practicing Acupuncture for 15 years since her degree level training, followed by ongoing studies in various styles and specialisms.  She offers treatments in Newcastle upon Tyne and Cullercoats to help everyone feel their best self. 


Acupuncture by a properly qualified, accredited  and experienced practitioner is extremely safe, effective and efficient.  

As a medical clinic, we remained open during lockdown to provide vital medical services to clients

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Get in touch

Let me know if you have any questions about

how Acupuncture can help you

or to book an appointment at my cozy healing space in Cullercoats :)

Please leave your phone number as I'm also happy to call or text if you prefer.

I am no longer working in Jesmond on Wednesdays. 

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